Thank you for being amazing. One bite literally took me back to dolores, Hidalgo, with my family. So happy I found y’all.
Leslie Rangel
I found them and was AMAZED at how rich and authentic the flavors are. The Chocolate con Canela is just like an authentic Mexican hot chocolate. Horchata was creamy with a strong cinnamon flavor… brought me back to the summers I would spend in Mexico with my family, such amazing times!!!
Iggy Rios
Such delicious flavors and Mexico City is one of my favorite places! Love how the flavors transport me there!
Veronica Meewes


Nothing is more authentic than our own experiences. As a community, we’re in pursuit of something bigger than ourselves and we want to share that opportunity with you.
Take a seat, grab your cafecito… and let’s have our conversation. ¡Vamos a netear!
😍❤️Sin palabras para este increíble post. Bueno, solo unas pocas palabras... nuestro cariño y admiración, ¡mucha gracias!

😍❤️No words for this amazing post. Well, just a few words… our love & admiration, thank you!

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Cinco de Mayo Treat 🇲🇽
Y’all know my love for ice cream and @sietefoods 😍 So putting these two together was the perfect treat for tonight! If you haven’t tried @heladoslaneta ice cream, you gotta go get some! SO good! So many flavors and loved them all! 
@sietefoods churro strips
@heladoslaneta fresas con crema ice cream
Chopped peanuts
Chocolate syrup
Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone 🤗💕
#daliciousdish#healthyliving #balancedlifestyle
5 de Mayo terminó pero no nuestra promoción de lanzamiento en @vallarta.supermarkets ¡Disfruta de $1.00 de descuento sobre el precio regular en nuestras pintas de sabores muy mexicanos, hasta el 18 de Mayo!


5 de Mayo ended but not our @vallarta.supermarkets launching promotion. Enjoy $1.00 off regular retail price on our Mexican inspired pints till May 18th!

#heladoslaneta #promo #vallartasupermarkets
5 de Mayo. Conmemoración de la Batalla de Puebla.
5 de Mayo no es la Independencia de México. Contra toda expectativa, este día en 1862, el ejército Mexicano comandado por el general Ignacio Zaragoza, fue capaz de vencer a las tropas más poderosas de ese entonces: las francesas. Una victoria que llenó de gloria y honor al pueblo mexicano. 
En las décadas de 1960 y 1970, el día se asoció con el movimiento por los derechos de los chicanos en Estados Unidos, especialmente en California.
Hoy en día se ha convertido en una celebración de la herencia hispana. Así que ¡Feliz 5 de Mayo!

📷🌺💀Compartimos contigo la fantástica foto de nuestra querida @lacatrinaandante, obra del talentoso @gus.mejia.arte Ingresa a sus perfiles, ¡son los mejores!


5 de Mayo. Commemoration of the Battle of Puebla.
5 de Mayo is not Mexican Independence day. Against all odds, in 1862, the Mexican army, commanded by General Ignacio Zaragoza, defeated the most powerful troops of the time: the French. The victory fulfilled the Mexican people with glory and honor.
In the 1960s and 1970s, the day was associated with the Chicano rights movement in the United States, especially in California.
Today it has become a celebration of Hispanic heritage. Happy Cinco de Mayo!

📷🌺💀 We share with you the fantastic photo of our dear @lacatrinaandante by the talented @gus.mejia.arte. Go to their profiles, they are the best!

#Repost @lacatrinaandante
🌵 Preparándonos para el 5 de Mayo... 🇲🇽
Model: @_livette_ 
Photography: @gus.mejia.arte
Makeup & Wardrobe: @paulina_clothing
Video: @albertoromerotv
Lashes: @kaly_lashes 
Assistant: @thressphotography
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Helados La Neta is 2/$6 at @krogerco in Texas.
That means you don't have to feel guilty when you grab double the pints as normal. But who are we kidding? You should always consider grabbing double the pints!
It’s a pleasure reading your comments  @jonnymelissa Thank you so much for your support, and for sharing. It mean a lot to us ❤️ hope you enjoy your weekend guys!

#lovingourcustomers #happyface #icecream #helado #heladoslaneta #mexicaninspired 

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“We need to keep these on hand!”

His words after smashing through some Rum & Raisin and Avocado & Lemon helado last night. 

Even packing the rest of Rum & Raisin in his cooler this morning to take to work. (I knew that would be his favorite)

Super rich & creamy, with beautiful flavors. 
Safe to say, we are both huge fans! 

Gracias por hacer helado inspirado en los sabores de México - ¡tan delicioso! 🇲🇽

@heladoslaneta 👍👍
¡Feliz Día de la tierra! 🌎 Es nuestra casa y debemos cuidarla. Para nosotros es importante poner nuestro granito de arena y por ello nuestro empaque es reciclable. Queremos dejar una huella positiva en nuestras comunidades, no solo compartiendo nuestra cultura, sino también apoyando la ecología ❤️

Happy Earth Day! 🌎 It is our house and we must take care of it. It is important to make our contribution and that’s why our packaging is recyclable. We want to leave a positive footprint in our communities, not only by sharing our culture, but also by being ecological and supporting our world ❤️

#heladoslaneta #earthday #laneta #recyclable #recyclablepackaging
Happy Selena Day!! 💃🏻
🎨Amazing mural art from @leviponce
#Repost @abc7eric
💜Remembering Selena: On April 16, 2021, the queen of Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla-Perez, would be 50 years old. Que viva this Aries reina. 🌹Click link in bio for a list of where Selena murals can be found. #selenaquintanilla #selena #anythingforselenas 

📍Plaza de La Raza
Mural by @leviponce

Thank you to @loveselenaofficial for your help with this story. Congrats to USC @justdimelo students Steven Vargas who helped with the article.
Y ahora, ¡un poema de viernes! 😍❤️🍨 And now a Friday poem!

#heladoslaneta #helado #icecream #pandulce #concha #horchata #mexico #mexicaninspired
No es acaso la foto más chingona 😍?! Muchas gracias @lacatrinaandante Livette, eres la Neta!!

Isn’t it the most awesome photo 😍?! Thank you so much @lacatrinaandante Livette, you are la Neta!

#heladoslaneta #helados #icecream #mexicaninspired #fresasconcrema #mexico #strawberriesandcream
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