Thank you for being amazing. One bite literally took me back to dolores, Hidalgo, with my family. So happy I found y’all.
Leslie Rangel
I found them and was AMAZED at how rich and authentic the flavors are. The Chocolate con Canela is just like an authentic Mexican hot chocolate. Horchata was creamy with a strong cinnamon flavor… brought me back to the summers I would spend in Mexico with my family, such amazing times!!!
Iggy Rios
Such delicious flavors and Mexico City is one of my favorite places! Love how the flavors transport me there!
Veronica Meewes


Nothing is more authentic than our own experiences. As a community, we’re in pursuit of something bigger than ourselves and we want to share that opportunity with you.
Take a seat, grab your cafecito… and let’s have our conversation. ¡Vamos a netear!
Y ahora, ¡un poema de viernes! 😍❤️🍨 And now a Friday poem!

#heladoslaneta #helado #icecream #pandulce #concha #horchata #mexico #mexicaninspired
No es acaso la foto más chingona 😍?! Muchas gracias @lacatrinaandante Livette, eres la Neta!!

Isn’t it the most awesome photo 😍?! Thank you so much @lacatrinaandante Livette, you are la Neta!

#heladoslaneta #helados #icecream #mexicaninspired #fresasconcrema #mexico #strawberriesandcream
"Me encantó. Saben igual que en México" @gus.mejia.arte ❤️ todo un honor leer tus comentarios, y ¡Wowww!  Muchas Gracias por la foto 😍¡Eres la neta!

"I loved it. Taste the same as in Mexico" @gus.mejia.arte ❤️an honor to read your comments, and Wowww! Thank you very much for the photo 😍You are la neta!

#heladoslaneta #helado #icecream #chocolate #mexicaninspired #mexicanflavor #coolpic
Conoce a Ruth Ngigi, nuestra líder del equipo de calidad y seguridad SQF.
Es un orgullo contar con mujeres lideres como “Ruthie”, quien ademas de poseer una admirable ética de trabajo, es una gran compañera de equipo y mamá increíble.

Cuando le preguntamos por su neta, nos respondió: “La Neta para mí significa compartir la cultura a través de la comida. No hay nada que me haga más feliz que ver a mis hijos celebrar otras culturas con una buena cucharada de aguacate, vainilla mexicana o fresas con crema. Estos son los momentos que enriquecen a mi familia y me recuerdan lo especial que es nuestro producto para otras familias del país ”.


Meet Ruth Ngigi, our SQF Safety and Quality Team Leader.
It is an honor to have women leaders like "Ruthie", an amazing teammate with an admirable work ethic and an incredible mom.

When asked about her neta, she answered: "La Neta for me means sharing culture through food. There's nothing that makes me happier than seeing my kids celebrate other cultures with a nice scoop of aguacate, Mexican vanilla, or fresas con crema. These are the moments that enrich my family and remind me how special our product is for other families around the country”.

#heladoslaneta #amazingwomen #womensmonth #amazingteam #womenleaders #leadership
Martes de inspiration mexicana. “Cada viaje que hago es una nueva vida.” 
Diego Huerta es fotógrafo documental y director de fotografía especializado en retratos. Durante más de una década, Diego se ha dedicado a documentar a los nativos de México, lo que le permitió descubrir lugares olvidados que guardan una gran riqueza cultural. 
Conoce mas de su trabajo en su Instagram @diegohuertaphoto


Tuesday of Mexican inspiration. “Every journey I make is a new life that I live.”
Diego Huerta is a documentary photographer and cinematographer specialized in portraits. For more than a decade, Diego has dedicated himself to documenting the native people of Mexico, allowing him to discover forgotten places that hold significant cultural wealth.
Get into his Instagram and learn more about his work @diegohuertaphoto

It was in 2016 when I visit for the first time the land of the Native peoples of the State of Sonora.  And from that first moment, I felt connected to them, I have known many native villages, but they, in particular, are special to me.  The place where I was born does not have roots of native ancestry, because they were exterminated at the time of colonization, so, I don't know where the bronze color of my skin comes from, I don't know where the mixture of my blood comes from, and knowing them is to know a part of me.  That desert land that meets the sea and that catches you with its colors at sunset.  Mayos and Yaquis, two societies that have taught me who I am, and with whom I will be living for the next few weeks.
Jueves de cervecitas + dulce y cremoso helado de aguacate. ¡No puede ponerse mejor!


Thursday with beers and sweet avocado ice cream. It can’t get any better!

#heladoslaneta #helado #icecream #aguacate #avocado #mexicaninspired #pairing #pairingideas
8 de Marzo, Día Internacional de la mujer. Celebrando a todas nuestras mujeres luchadoras, legendarias y poderosas.


March 8th, International Women's Day. Celebrating all our fighter, legendary and powerful women.

✊ Empowered Women, Empower Women. #IWD2021⠀
📷 Italian revolutionary photographer-turned-political activist #TinaModotti captures feminist icon #FridaKahlo with her friend & lover Chavela Vargas.⠀
#WomenArtists #internationalwomansday
Se dice que la comida es una medio poderoso para comprender una cultura, por qué a través de ella conservamos nuestra identidad 👁🇲🇽
Compartirlo con el mundo es uno de nuestros principales objetivos en Helados La Neta. Nos vemos como una gran vibrante comunidad multicultural, y creemos que compartir es nuestra forma de derribar barreras. 
La unidad es nuestro motor y corazón ❤️

It is being said that food is a powerful means to understand a "culture" because we preserve our identity through it 👁🇲🇽
Sharing our authentic food with the world is one of our main objectives at Helados La Neta. We see ourselves as a large, vibrant multicultural community, and we believe that sharing is our way of breaking down barriers. 
Unity is our heart and soul ❤️

#heladoslaneta #helado #icecream #culture #sharing #Mexico #mexicaninspired #unity #heartandsoul
Martes de inspiración mexicana.
“Si obedeces todas las reglas, te perderás toda la diversión.”


 Tuesday of Mexican inspiration.  
“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun”.

#Repost amazing photo of @lacatrinaandante by talented photographer @gus.mejia.arte 
𝙿𝚑𝚘𝚝𝚘𝚐𝚛𝚊𝚙𝚑𝚢: @gus.mejia.arte
𝙼𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚞𝚙: @meykalymua
𝙻𝚊𝚜𝚑𝚎𝚜: @kaly_lashes
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😍Nuestra cara cuando @betonajera dice que le gusta el helado 🥰 ¡¡Muchas gracias!!

😍 Our face when @betonajera says he likes our helado 🥰 Thank you very much!!

Liiiiiiteral, la nieve y sabor más riiiiiico @heladoslaneta #Horchata 💀
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