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We believe in sharing stories that inspire, help you learn, or maybe just brighten your day. There are many amazing stories of people that are la Neta all over the world. Let’s share them! This is the perfect place for it, our “feel good zone”. Feel free to share your NETA with us



Livestream Texas Musicians While You’re Social Distancing

Often, difficult situations can bring the best out in us. Music soothes and reinvigorates the soul. Check out these Livestream musicians from Texas while you’re social distancing..¡Disfrútalo desde la comodidad de tu casa⠀

¡À la Mode Challenge! 

If you’re staying home, thank you. We’ve been, and we realized there’s a lot of food that benefits from a scoop of ice cream or... “a la mode”. There are lots of things you can make with a few simple ingredients from your pantry or fridge. The team at High Road is going to be sharing their favorites so you can take on the a la mode challenge. What’s the CHALLENGE? ⠀

Traditional Sounds Contemporary Arrangements

Helados La Neta is a celebration of flavor and culture. We're proud to feature our newest musical inspiration, Makka. Makka's tropical pop, a mix of traditional sounds with contemporary arrangements, is a delight that will make you move your feet Our friend Makka is La Neta with these new beats. Take a listen. You'll thank us later.

Join our La Neta community to learn more about what "Neta" is going in near you!

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